About Wait, Hold Up!

This podcast is for everyone who is out there trying to live their best lives, but need some support, encouragement, and most importantly, dope girlfriends. Jess and Yarel are here to hash out their own real life moments as well as get into those 'wait, hold up!' moments with our guests! Each episode offers something new, whether we're diving into topics around career, spirituality, personal development, wellness, or so much more. We want our listeners to walk away from this podcast feeling validated, supported, and like they can take on the world.

About Jess & Yarel

By trade, Jessica is a journalist and digital content producer and Yarel is a journalist and news anchor for Univision. On the pod, they're friends who are both obsessed with figuring out ways to live their best lives, stressing if mercury is in retrograde (again!), fighting for justice, and learning as much as possible from their guests. They grew up on different coasts – Jessica in NJ & NY and Yarel in LA, so while these two Latinas may have a lot in common, they definitely see the world in unique ways.

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